Full time Islamic School



The curriculum includes the following:
Learning English Alphabets, their sounds, forming and reading small words.
Introduction to addition and subtraction.
Teachers work very hard on each student’s hand writing.
Recognition of Arabic Alphabets.GRADES 1-8
The Academy aims to teach a broad spectrum of subjects to develop the potential of each student, whilst
following the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum.
The following subjects are taught at The Academy
History and Geography
Social Studies
Physical Education
Health and life styles (for grade 5 – high school girls)HIGH SCHOOL
We plan on using Independent Learning Center (ILC) for Grade 9 to 12 students. Please visit their web site at www.ilc.org to learn more.

Hifz (Memorization of the Holy Quran)

The full time Hifz program at The Academy is dedicated towards the memorization of the entire Holy Qur’an which will lead to the certification of “Hifz al-Qur’an.” The program includes complete memorization of the Qur’an, knowledge and implementation of the rules of the Art of recitation (Tajweed), and knowledge of the introductory fiqh (Taleem-ul-Islam).
Upon completion of the Hifz program, students are prepared to become active citizens in the Muslim community who can:
1. Pursue advanced educational studies
2. Teach the art of Quranic memorization to children and adults
3. Lead the congregational Salah
4. Lead the Taraweeh prayers in Ramadan
The Hifz coursework can be completed simultaneously with secular school studies.

Aalim Course

Registration is open for first year and second year Aalim classes.
After-school Aalim classes are also available.