The Academy has been striving on the prayers and donations of North American
Muslims. It is our humble wish for all of our brothers and sisters throughout the world,
especially those residing in North America, to become part of this educational garden.
Please send your tax deductable donations payable to “Ontario Muslim Academy”. You can
pay donations online using your Credit Card or your PayPal Account. Please do not forget
to specify whether your contribution is a “Donation”, “Sadaqah”, “Zakah”, “Sadaqah Al-
Fitr”, “Sponsoring a Teacher”, “Sponsoring a Student”, “Others” or a combination.

Note: If you are paying Zakah, please add 2.9% + $0.30 CDN to your Zakah amount since
that amount is deducted by paypal as a transaction fee. Otherwise your Zakah will not be
fully paid.


TD Canada Trust Branch 2650
Account no: 500-2232

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